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When you describe something as an ICON, you’re portraying that thing as an important and sometimes very powerful symbol.  ICON’s have been around since the beginning of time and with the current state of computer technology they’re more important today than ever before. A stop sign is more than just white lettering that says the word “STOP”, inside of a red octagon. It’s a powerful symbol which all of us see every day in many different forms and applications. ICON’s are many times taken for granted as they flash in front of our eyes without our conscious inclination of them doing so. And not only are the ICON’s portraying many different messages to our subconscious minds, but the colors, shapes and sizes of them tell us about our environment and our surroundings. They tell us about products or services we like or dislike. They tell us what’s around the corner or down the street. They even tell us where we can seek immediate medical attention! ICON’s have become super relevant in all of our lives.

ICON’s are everywhere!

Have you ever thought about what type of subconscious messages your company is sending out to people through the use of  ICON’s? The study of subconscious phenomenon is called semiotics. Semiotics informs us that your subconscious mind processes 800 million pieces of information per second (most of which is psychic information), while your conscious mind processes only 40 pieces of information per second. That’s 20 times more information that’s being processed by your subconscious mind over your conscious mind each and every second! Please take a moment to look through our designs and see if you can find any subconscious messages being portrayed. ICON graphics has an extensive background in semiotics and we study and use it daily in our designs. We use it to create truly thought provoking designs which entice our viewers to step inside the subconscious doorway and come back out of the conscious doorway with useful, thoughtful and informative information.

Let our expertise in semiotics help your business become the next recognizable ICON!

What our clients are saying about our work

ICON graphics is awesome to work with. Incredibly talented, easy to communicate with, responsive with next iterations, and beautiful work. Highly recommended!

Joleen Lake
Joleen LakeOwnerOptima Medical

We are very pleased with our new brand identity and the way ICON graphics conducts business. It has been a great experience working with them and it’s certain that we will continue a long lasting relationship with them.

Chris Noda
Chris NodaPT, DPTSummit Health Physical Therapy

Here is a list of things we can do for you

Branding, Design & Illustration

Photoshop and Illustrator are the tools we use the most for almost all of our projects. When necessary we also use ArtRage, Zbrush, Bryce, Swift 3D and many other applications to further our creative reach.

Web Design & Development

We specialize in WordPress, CSS, php, Adobe Muse and Dreamweaver. Here are some of our latest development ventures:, and Also coming soon, a website for a furniture store named Timber Lodge Furniture.

Photography & Videography

Over 10 years of photography experience including portraiture, touchups, color enhancements, sports, nature, black and white, HDR, timelapse, macro, panoramic, and more. Check out my dreamstime photography portfolio.

SEO Consulting

The proof is in the pudding. Do a google search for some of our clients or ask them how their SEO rankings have soared every since signing on with ICON graphics.

Social Media

Tweet a little tweet and the world will listen. We manage many different Social Media outlets for our clients including Pinterest and Twitter.


The sales speak for themselves, says sales guru Mike at “Leavenworth Coughy Inc“. If you’re looking to buy tobacco, pipes and accessories, his website is the place to go, and it was designed and developed by us so check it out at!

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