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Reliable construction service since 1983. We are not just building happiness, we build dreams.

Our Services


We repair driveway cracks, holes, and uneven slabs. Concrete driveway repair will eliminate unsightly driveway damage and trip hazards. Contact us for a FREE estimate on a new driveway.


Uneven or cracked walkways and sidewalks around buildings need immediate repair because they can become hazardous and cause a person to get hurt. Call for a quote and we’ll discuss how your concrete walkways can be repaired.


Steps are one of our specialties and we’ve been making our customers happy by always assuring the best quality concrete at the right price. If you have old steps in needs of repair we can help you become satisfied with them once again.


In the summer months, patios become a primary living space in my family. That’s why we’ve created a cost effective way to make your outdoor spaces like new again. If your patio’s luster has aged over the years and is in need of repair or resurfacing. Please contact us for a FREE estimate.


Garage floors in older homes start to wither, crack and break. If you ave an older home that needs ultra condensed concrete we have the stuff. The concrete we use for garages is 100% satisfaction guaranteed and our work comes with a warranty. Give us a call and become another on of our satisfied customers.


In Nebraska weather, it’s important to seal concrete. Not only do the scorching hot summers break down the surface of some types of concrete but the cold below zero temperatures can create potholes the size of a tire. If you’re in eed of concrete sealing we will come and explain your options and give you the fairest price in town.

Concrete Repair

Not only is concrete repair and restoration our specialty, we live it, and love it daily! Damaged concrete outside of the home gives it an unsightly appearance and can lead to safety issues. Repairing concrete is more economical than ever before, will restore the look and durability of the outdoor areas of your home, and maintain the safety of your loved ones.

Concrete Design

Looking for a new concrete layout design? We also demolish old concrete structures and rebuild them. For instance we’ve recently done a concrete elevator pit, a concrete central compass design for a hospital. Creative concrete design is something we feel strongly about doing right, the first time. Let us draw up some plans for you!


Competitive Pricing

Concrete pavement restoration (CPR) can become pricey but it doesn’t have to be. If you’ve already looked around, received some pricing from other concrete contractors, and still can’t find a low cost solution, give us a call. Our solutions are the best in town and our concrete repair costs are usually lower than expected.

Our Guarantee

The truth is, in Nebraska weather, there is always a potential for cracking. We do everything to ensure that it won’t and in our estimates we include things like weather coating, weather sealing, and waterproofing. These are ways we can make your concrete last as long as possible and will save you time and money in the long run.

20+ Years Of Experience

If you look through our featured products above you’ll see that the work we do is of the highest standard and work ethic. We show up when we say we will and never leave out the finer details. We’re committed to quality concrete repair in the greater Omaha area.

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